The Mission of Elijah House

Elijah House was started as a dream given by our Heavenly Father to John and Paula Sandford. This dream has grown to encompass individuals and groups from various denominations throughout the world. The mission that gives purpose to the dream is a simple one: to share the love of Jesus to restore broken relationships and bring healing to hurt and wounded hearts, lives and relationships; to call God's people to "restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" and to "restore all things". Elijah House serves to inspire and educate individuals and churches to confess their sins, forgive, and equip one another for maturity in ministry to effect positive social and community changes. All that Elijah House does have one goal: to unite people with Jesus so all may experience the transforming power of His death and resurrection.

This need for restoration and healing today is universal and goes beyond all denominational boundaries. Elijah House seeks to accomplish its mission through areas of ministry which focus on the individual, and which also focus on equipping and encouraging members of the Body of Christ, pastors, leaders, counsellors, lay ministers, and involved Christians to share the healing love of our Father.

Vision of Elijah House Ministries SA

A fully functional Elijah House School (Centre) in each Province and in most major cities.

Mission of Elijah House Ministries SA

To bring healing and restoration to the Body of Christ Jesus and the people of our country by introducing the Elijah House Ministry teachings and principles to the various cultural groups and churches in SA.  To enable the Body of Christ to fulfil its design, destiny and purpose.

What is Elijah House Ministries SA?

Elijah House Ministries SA is a Non-Profit company committed to the principles of Malachi 4:5,6 and Matthew 17: 11. Its central headquarters is in Post Falls, Idaho, U.S.A.

Elijah House is a Non-Profit Company - Reg No: 2005/005828/08
Committed to the principles of Malachi 4:5,6 and Matthew 17:11

Directors: Chereen Zylstra & Pieter Van Tonder