Prayer Ministry
Repentance & Restoration Applied

Teaching Ministry
Equipping the Church

Prayer Ministry: Repentance & Restoration Applied


Elijah House prayer ministry was founded through the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford in transforming lives through prayer. It is primarily pastoral in nature, based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit. A key principle of prayer ministry at Elijah House will always include looking for the root causes that lie beneath the surface of most problems. Bitter roots, as we call them, are root issues that continue to feed those things in us that lead to broken relationships, habitual sin, and many other kinds of "bad fruit." Once roots are discovered, the prayer minister leads the person in prayer to the foot of the Cross, to forgive those who wounded him/her, as well as to receive forgiveness for judging, condemning, criticizing, etc.

Each year, many individuals and families come from around the world to be ministered to and to receive healing through prayer ministry.

Teaching Ministry: Equipping the Church


This is a broad area of ministry as it incorporates imparting the principles of transformation and restoration in many ways-through conferences, seminars, training events, schools and internships-locally and around the world. Elijah House offers a comprehensive course to equip the Church for effective ministry. Facilitated Video Schools are currently our most prolific form of ministry training, offering the greatest flexibility and value. Elijah House also offers an internship program for further training in Elijah House's model for prayer ministry.

Along with its speaking ministry, Elijah House offers Ministry to pastors, leaders, Christian counselors, and a variety of other professionals. Video Facilitated Schools are also available.

Writing Ministry: Declaring Transformation & Restoration

Books and tapes are the most far-reaching messengers available to this day. John and Paula Sandford have authored and co-authored over 16 books and booklets, many of them known all over the world. Their first book, The Elijah Task, published in 1977, still receives high acclaim as a pioneering work in the prophetic movement as we know it today. In fact, so interested were Christians to read more from John Sandford on the prophetic office and its function that he was commissioned by Baker Book House to write its sequel; Elijah Among Us has since been published with endorsements from Dutch Sheets and Jim Goll.

Other classic titles by John and Paula Sandford include The Transformation of the Inner Man, Restoring the Christian Family and Healing the Wounded Spirit which remain relevant works to all who seek serious, biblical answers for overcoming woundedness and sin.